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Is your gallery full of confusing concrete photos? Now you can take control of your structural photos and pin them into position for easy reference and fast reporting.  

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Do all your photos of reo look the same?

Clear records of structural elements are vital and photos are one of the best ways to record the construction process. However, a busy day on site can see you snapping a bunch of column photos or areas of a slab before a pour and when you check your gallery at the end of the day it’s hard to remember which was from where… So we created Snap to help:

Pin your photos to structural plans

Just drop a pin and watch your photos organize on columns, slabs and walls.

Add #tags to sort and filter photos

Quickly add tags like #column16, #formwork, etc, to search photos later.

Easily record inspection notes

Enter notes from your structural inspection that stay linked to the photos.

Keep it simple - drop a pin

Tired of navigating through endless drop-down menus… Now you can intuitively flick to the plan you need and drop a pin where you took the photos. Clearer to view, easier to do. 

Records that are easy to find

Stop using your phone gallery like one big filing cabinet. Snap keeps your structural photos organized and stored in the cloud for easy access from anywhere. Quickly find the photo you need by filtering with Date, Location and Tags

Beautiful structural reports in seconds

When asked to quickly present the proof of how a structural element was built, you can now filter to the column, set a date range and generate a detailed PDF in a few clicks. Print this out as an appendix or share it via a URL.

Your photos, on any device

Are you sick of your phone gallery being full of structural photos? Now you can free up your phone and have all your records organized online. Photos from your team are synchronized and instantly available via the cloud. 

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