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Save hours of inspection admin time by organizing photos as you take them. Pinned into position and #tagged for easy reference.

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Sick of organizing inspection photos?

It’s critical to know where inspection photos came from and when. But it’s easy to lose track of photos without a reference system. There’s a better way than using your phone gallery like one big filing cabinet and jotting some notes for “photo 3, pump in North corner”… This takes ages to organize. With Snap, now you can:

Quickly give photos context with a pin

Just drop a pin and watch your photos organize around your inspection site.

Easily record inspection notes

Enter notes from your inspection sites in the field, linked to the photos.

Keep timestamps across devices

Clear date/time linked to each image and instantly accessible via the cloud.

Still printing plans for site inspections?

Now you can have all your plans clearly available in digital form. Upload your plans into Snap and have them available on all your devices, with enough zoom to read all the details.  

Clear site inspection records

Stop wasting time with handwritten notes. Upload floor plans or use a map as the backbone for your photo organization.

Share your inspection findings back to the office in real time, with photos and comments at each pin location.

Beautiful inspection reports in seconds

When it comes to creating a report from your inspection photos, you shouldn’t be battling with Word or Excel… In Snap it’s easy to create a detailed report with the click of a button. These reports are available as a URL for easy sharing, or to print as an appendix to your document.

Your photos, on any device

Are you sick of your phone gallery being full of inspection photos? Now you can free up your phone and have all your records organized online. Photos from your team are synchronized and instantly available on the cloud. 

More than just GPS

When pinning photos to a map, GPS data roughly positions your pin, then we let you refine it to the exact location. 

View previous inspection photos for your site.

Inspection photos in Snap are organized by Timestamp, Location and Tags. Quickly search previous images from your inspection area to see what has changed and identify trends. Open photos to read the notes from previous inspections. 

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