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A camera app for construction teams to pin progress photos to floor plans or a map, synced in the cloud for easy searching and report generation.

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Phone full of progress photos?

These days, having a well documented construction site is essential. This usually involves multiple people taking regular photos and sharing them across the team (often with WhatsApp…) which gets messy. Stop using your phone gallery like a big filing cabinet, it can take hours to organize properly… 

Now you and your team can record progress photos directly from a dedicated camera app that organizes everything via the cloud. Pinned to the plan, timestamped and #Tagged. Snap can help you instantly:

Give photos context with a pin

Just drop a pin and watch your photos organize across your floor plans.

Instantly update your team

Photos you and your team take are pooled together,  keeping everyone informed. 

Free-up your phone gallery

Photos taken through Snap are stored online, not clogging-up your phone.

Keep it simple - drop a pin

Pin your progress photos to floor plans, or a map, and quickly organize them by location. Produce undisputable records that clearly communication what happened and where.

Your photos, on any device

Are you sick of plugging your phone into the PC to transfer files, or emailing photos to yourself? Now you can have your team’s progress photos organized online. Login using any device and they’re there. You can also download any high-resolution photos as they are needed.

Find ‘that’ photo when your team needs it

Progress photos in Snap are organized by Timestamp, Location, Tags, and more. Quickly search previous images from your team to find the record you need. Then select the photo to see it’s location, description and to download if needed.

Client update reports in seconds

When it comes to creating an update report from your progress photos, you shouldn’t be battling with Word or Excel… In Snap it’s easy to create a detailed, professional report with the click of a button. These reports are available as a URL for easy sharing and viewing online.

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