Simple pricing to suit every project.

Understanding pricing should be as easy as organising photos in Snap! We’ve kept it simple and created a Free plan for anyone to get started, and a Pro plan for those who rely on Snap everyday. Your team members can start for free, no strings attached, and upgrade as needed. We also have a Per-Project option for your whole team to have unlimited access with fixed pricing for the project duration.


Start Capturing Now
$0 User/Month (AUD)
  • Up to 3 projects
  • Add up to 1,000 photos
  • Invite others to your project to sync photos
  • Generate PDF photo reports


Most Popular Plan
$29 User/Month (AUD)
  • Free features, plus:
  • Unlimited photos
  • Create unlimited projects

Project Based

Pay Per Project
Custom Based on Project Value
  • Pro benefits, plus:
  • Unlimited users for that project
  • Auto-tagging of photos using drop-zones generated for rooms/areas of your plans
  • Site training

Frequently Asked Questions

Why upgrade to a Pro Licence?

With the Pro licence you can add more than 1,000 photos into Snap (as many as you need). You can also be a member of more than 3 Projects – create or join as many Projects as you like.

What happens to my photos if I stop paying for my Pro licence?

If you stop paying for a Pro licence then you drop down to the Free plan and you can continue adding photos if you have not yet hit the 1,000 Free plan photo limit. If you have added more than 1,000 photos to Snap then you will not be able to add any more photos until you activate your Pro licence again. All of your photos are safe and stored in the cloud, we will continue to host them for 10 years after you stop subscribing. You can download them at any time.

What happens if my team members aren’t Pro licence holders?

If your team members aren’t Pro licence holders then they will still be able to see all of your photos and add photos of their own, until they hit the 1,000 photo Free plan photo limit.