No credit card required
$0 User/Month
  • Up to 2 projects
  • Add up to 500 photos
  • Invite others and pool your project photos together
  • Generate PDF photo reports
  • No time limit


Most Popular Plan
$29 User/Month
  • Free features, plus:
  • Create unlimited projects
  • Add unlimited photos


Pay per project or company
Custom Based on project/company size
  • Pro benefits, plus:
  • Unlimited users for your project/company
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Premium support
  • Site training
  • Optional auto-tagging "drop-zones" created for areas on your plans

Frequently Asked Questions

Why upgrade to a Pro License?

The Pro license removes limits on adding photos or creating/joining projects. Yep, you can add unlimited photos and create/join unlimited projects. No more “limit stress”, all of your site photos organized across every project.

What happens to my photos if I stop paying for my Pro license?

If you stop paying for a Pro license then you drop down to the Free plan. You will still be able to access your existing photos, but you will not be able to add any more photos if you are over the Free plan photo limit. All of your photos are safe and stored in the cloud, we will continue to host them for 10 years after you stop subscribing. You can also download them at any time.

What happens if my team members aren’t Pro license holders?

If your team members aren’t Pro license holders then they will still be able to see all of your photos and add photos of their own, up to the Free plan photo limit. They will also only be able to join two of your projects until they upgrade to Pro.

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