Where are my photos stored?

All photos taken with Snap are stored securely in the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and hosted in Australia. AWS is one of the world’s most secure and durable technology platforms. They maintain many industry-recognised certifications such as ISO 27001. The AWS CloudFront service helps Snap users outside of Australia by duplicating their assets onto AWS servers located closer to them, speeding up access.

Who can see my photos?

Your photos can only be accessed by you and members of your Snap Project. If you or a team member creates a report from your photos or a sharable link, then anyone with that report or link will also be able to see the contained photos.

How do I upload floor plans or design drawings to pin my photos to?

You can upload floor plans or design drawings during the Project creation stage or at any time via the Project Settings menu, the settings wheel on the top right when inside a Project.

How many team members can I share my Project with?

There is no limit, you can add as many team members to your Projects as you like.

How many Projects can I be a member of?

You can be a member of up to 3 Projects on the Free plan. If you upgrade to a Pro licence then you can become a member of as many Projects as you like.

What happens if I lose my phone? Or get a new phone?

If you lose your phone or get a new one, just install SeePilot Snap again and login to see all of your Projects/photos that have been uploaded to the cloud.

Does Snap still work without internet or mobile signal?

Yes, you and your team are still able to take photos with Snap and log them when offline. All of the changes will be synchronised with the cloud when you come back online again. You can also pre-load all of the plans for your project so you will have access to them offline. This can be accessed from within the Project Settings menu.

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