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Save hours of inspection admin by pinning and #tagging your dilapidation photos on the go. Add notes from the field that go straight into your report.

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Sick of organizing dilapidation photos?

It’s critical to have a well documented record of the surrounding environment pre-construction. This often involves detailed inspections with many photos that need to be described, timestamped and have their precise location marked. This can cost you hours if you’re using your phone gallery like a big filing cabinet and jotting some notes for “photo 3, North side of wall”, then battling with Word or Excel to create a PDF… 

Now you can record structured inspection findings directly from a dedicated camera app that organizes everything via the cloud. Snap can help you instantly:

Give photos context with a pin

Just drop a pin and watch your photos organize around your inspection site.

Record inspection notes and #tags

Enter notes from your inspection sites in the field, linked to the photos.

Timestamp and back-up evidence

Clear date/time linked to each image and instantly accessible via the cloud.

Clear photographic inspection records

Clearly show your dilapidation inspection findings with photos, #tags, and comments at each pin location. Pre-existing damage found during the survey can also be marked-up on the photo to improve communication. 

Upload floor plans or use a map as the backbone for your photo organization.

Sick of printing plans for dilapidation surveys?

Now you can have all your plans clearly available in digital form. Upload your plans into Snap and have them available on all your devices, with enough zoom to read all the details. Add photos of existing faults directly onto the digital plan/map and eliminate the time/errors associated with processing handwritten notes.  

Beautiful dilapidation reports in seconds

When it comes to creating a report from your inspection photos, you shouldn’t be playing the copy/paste game. Snap enables you to create a detailed report with the click of a button. A line per defect with clear location information and descriptions. QR codes allow access to larger pictures and plans/maps online. These reports are available as a URL for easy sharing, or to print as PDFs to add to your own report. 

Your photos, on any device

Are you sick of your phone gallery being full of dilapidation inspection photos? Get your data back to the office in real-time. Now you can free up your phone and have all your records organized online. Create consistent and undeniable inspection records all backed-up in the cloud. You can also download the high-resolution photos when needed.  

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