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Turn your organized site photos into a professional report in seconds with our customizable report template that you can share as a PDF or URL.

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Reports in Word or Excel taking forever?

You have a trusty report template in Word or Excel that you’ve been using for years, but you hate how long it takes to get all the photos in it, type up the descriptions, and format it nicely. Sound familiar? Luckily there is a better way. Whether it’s for an inspection report, structural report, dilapidation report, or progress update report, you can save time and get out of the office faster.

When you organize your site photos in Snap they have all the context and information they need to build an informative report for you. These reports include:

Interactive photo thumbnails

Customize their size. In digital reports you can click on them to view in fullscreen.

Context of each photo's location

Each group of photos shows the location on a mini-map or site plan snippet.

Descriptions and photo timestamps

Your field notes for each photo group and their exact capture times are included.

Make a photo report, from any device

When your construction/inspection photos are organized in Snap they are available through the app on your mobile or through our web portal on your computer. You can quickly create a photo report from either platform, wherever and whenever it suits you. After your site visit, you could create a photo report and send it, before you even leave the site.

Filter, Report, Share.

As you organize photos in Snap you can structure them by Location, Record Type, custom #Tags, and more. Filters then help you easily find the selection you need and the “Generate Photo Report” button lets you turn this selection into a professional report in seconds. Ready to share or download.

Choose how you share it

Photo reports generated through Snap are accessible online via a unique URL. This lets you send that link to someone to quickly open the report on their device, no attaching big files and email limits to worry about. Quick for you, easy for them.

You can also save the report as a PDF for printing or filing away as needed.

Your reports can link to information online

You can customize the photo report to include a QR code and link to be able to view the photo details online. This allows the recipient to view the photos in full-screen, and expand the plan or map to interact with to see exactly where the photos relate to. The capture Description is also online so everything can be viewed in context to minimize confusion.

Customizable reports to suit you needs

You can choose which elements of the report to include, what size images you want, and if you want a custom Overview section. As the report owner, you can adjust it anytime which updates for everyone via the live URL.

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